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1. "All Good Things Come to those who Wait"
"Time and Tide Wait for None"

2. "The Pen is mightier than Sword"
"Actions Speak Louder than Words"

3. "Many Hands make the Work Lighter"
"Too Many Cooks Spoil the broth"

4. "Doubt is the beginning of Wisdom"
"Faith moves Mountains"

5. "Practice Makes a Man Perfect"
"At the Same Time,,, No One is Perfect"

Hamesha Apni Science Maaro.. hahaha :)
$σмє ρєσρlє cαll мє cυтє,lσvlєly,iитєlligєит,иαυgнтy,υиbєяαblє αиd blα blα blα.............................
name: ____ nick Name ix ____ o0kiee..shoz(shorry)..idk(i dont know) anyffin abt my shelf...cuxsh i change everytym..no wordx 2 exprexsh my self..!!//-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..ehh..barabarabo0m..''M A CHEERFUL GIRL''..+.shweet n a shy girl..bubblygo0my..yummy i luv chewing bubblegumxsh..!!..btw..-_-..:)..!!!..ahhhh..!!..shumtymexsh i bcum emo0tional..:'(..well as it sayxh..derx no01 who0'x alwyx happy..a cheerful gal doexsh nt(not) meanxsh tht she'xsh alwyxsh happy..she shumtymexsh alsho0 facexsh painxsh..:)..
nywyxsh..i hv alot ov dreamxsh(wishexsh..)..
hy btw..idk knw anyffin abt my self..sho0 y dun i po0st quo0tex n sho0ng..well sum ov'em kinda relatexsh 2 me..o0o0o..(i guexsh..)..here dey all goexsh..!!..-_-..:)..!!..
n btw..i took a quizsh called which type ov girl r u..n i got dixsh reshult..

..SWEET GIRLY..n it sayx..''You are the extreme opposite to an action woman: you are sweet, you love pink and glitter. Everyone who sees you sees a totally and perfect styled little girl - daddy's little girl maybe. Boys are drawn to you automatically. But they have no respect. They play with you. It's hard for you to find a boy who is willing to risk a serious relationship. You have a lot of friends, but most of them are girls just like you. You also have a lot of shallow contacts. Maybe you are very dependent on your parents. You are always so squeaky and happy and lovely when others are near..!!..-_-..:)..!!..n thtxsh sho0 true..!!!..
n i luv ''lo0ve sto0ryxsh''..pluxsh ro0manxshe..n i believe in luv..v can luv many tymxsh bh true luv juxsh once in alife 4eva..!!..-_-..:)..!!..♥..!!..o0o..o0ewo0..ehh bo0m..muchxshi..muchxshi..!!..

n btw..m a shweet n a shy girl n amny moe..m sho0 many..na..no0m no0 wait..actually i dun knw who m i..:/..!!..-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..bo0m..

n i hate 2 b sad..i cant stand wen people are upset..i try my best 2 get people happy..n i never really hate anybody..!!..-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..bo0m bo0m..

n +..i believe tht..luv n luv again..i believe i cn luv sumbody den move on n luv again n again n again until i find my true love..!!..-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..ehh..barabarabo0m..♥♥..♥..!!..

i luv ''luv shtoryxsh''..infact i luv everyfin'..thexe flowerxsh..dixsh season..rainxsh..thexe colourxsh..pink..!!..romanxshe..romantic moviexsh..dixsh filmy world..romantic shtorixsh..n d fing i luv moxsht ix..luv shtoryxsh..!!..in which d heroin turnxsh in a slow motion..wen d hero0 singxsh n callxsh o0ut her..!!..-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..bo0m..♥..!!..

n btw..o0h..m alwyxsh sho0 hyper(exshcited+happy)..!!..-_-..:)..!!..o0ewo0..ehh..barabarabo0m..
..+ i laugh alot..!!..

i cn grw o0ld..bh i cn be immature 4eva..shick ov ppl tellin u need 2 grw up..!!..hw abt i dun wanna sho0 ''SHUT UP''!!!..-_-..:)..!!..oe0wo0..ehh..barabarabo0m..
u want which type ,i will be that type . i always say everything is possible!

• ● ηαωт ѕσ єasy ● ♥ + ♥ = ♥ ! :ρ

I am too lazy to write any thing about my self because it's very hard to describe a 5 feet 10 inches boy in few lines ehehe ...but after a nation wide survey it was found that people wants to know more abt me..

O.K. here i go .. brother & their sisters :P

When god made me he was just showing off.. When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half and when i grew up I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out..

My problems all started with my early education. I went to a school for mentally disturbed teachers. I always arrived late at the school, but I made up for it by leaving early

Money and looks aren't everything .But its all I got. I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.
I do most of things online but u can't buy love on eBay but whoever said that money can't buy happiness, ain't been shopping at the right malls. well my opinions have changed but not the fact that i m right. I dont take life seriously as I know the fact that no body gets out alive.Who says nothing is impossible ?


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