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Happy Birthday Comment Codes for Friendster & Tagged

To use the free Happy Birthday graphics: Simply copy (ctrl+C) the HTML code from below the Happy Birthday image and paste (ctrl+V) the code on Frienster or any other social networking comments page.
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Happy Birthday To You

happy birthday to you
Used: 556 times 11 Ratings

Happy Birthday

happy birthday
Used: 2247 times 19 Ratings

Happy Birthday My Friend

happy birthday my friend
Used: 3042 times 28 Ratings

If You Want Enjoy Life Think Today As The First Day Of Your Life

if you want enjoy life think today as the first day of your life
Used: 347 times 5 Ratings

Happy Birthday You Are Very Special And You Deserve The Best

happy birthday you are very special and you deserve the best
Used: 3715 times 30 Ratings


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