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Baby Poems

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After nine months of waiting
Finally you are here
You bring joy to your mother
And definitely to your father, too.

You were so small & yet so beautiful.
You made your parent’s life so wonderful.
You will surely be blessed & be happy that’s for sure.
Because you’re the first baby after all…

We Are Having A Baby Shower

We hope that you can come
And join our little party
It’s sure to be such fun

Just a little party
With a little treat
In honor of somebody special
We’d like you to meet!

(Julie’s) having a baby
We know that you know
Come see her big tummy now
And her new-mom-to-be glow!

We’ll be playing games and chatting
And for goodness sake
We need you to help us
Eat all the yummy cake

A Baby Girl Brings Worlds Of Joy

By merely being there.
Within the shelter of your arms,
The comfort of your care,

And may this joy be just a hint
Of happy years to be
Not only for you, Baby,
But for all the family.

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