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Birthday Poems

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Happy Birthday Bhabhi

To a very special sister-in-law,
That truly shines, Bright as a star….

In the darkest of times, With love to u I say,
I hope you have a great birthday….

And good things come your way,
I value our relationship & think it’s the best,
With u in my life, I am truly blessed…..

Whether we’re together or we’re far apart,
U know that u’re someone, Who’s close to my heart,
May ur birthday be the best…..

U’re in my heart dear sister-in-law,
In a very special way ,

A Great Day 18 July

Day has arrived for we waited long,
To wish a lady who’s better than all,
To wish i love from so long.

She is calm and coolish,
But sometime little foolish.
She cares for all and loves me too,
Cancer love her but virgo too.

I bow my head to GOD
Forgive sin she committed all,
Don’t let our true love to fall.

See Goddess Venus,Stars and Angels
Are in queue to wish a day.
Virgo stand miles away with blank hand,
Happy to see cute smile on face,
We all pray God always stay her with charming face.

Always she laugh….. wrinkles stay,
I wish moment to stop and day stay.
So we all wish a lady on her birthday,
Who’s better than all.

Mouth Organ

Kaustav found a mouth organ
Among his gifts in class seven, that year,
Given by his dad
Amongst many other possessions near.
Silently he circled his dad,
Staring at the new thing.
How would be the usage of one chosen
To make his small heart sing?
Circling the organ yet once again –
He looked so small in the rift –
Examining each new treasure,
He got excited at his new gift.
Carrying it from room to room,
He kept it always near;
The silvery little tunes he played
Were such a joy to hear!
With years of many instruments
And much, much music made,
I wondered if he remembers
Those first notes he had played.
His eyes lit up as he recalled
The silvery notes, tone and fun –
The love for music he had gained
From that small mouth organ.

Happy Birthday Dad

As I was thinking about you today,
I began to wonder whether you realize
how much you are a part of me,
You might not know how deeply
your values and your actions
have influenced my character
or be aware of how many ways
your words still speak to my heart…

But Dad, as surely as the sun
causes the budding flower to blossom,
you have shaped and influenced my life.
Your very presence has made me
a daughter who loves you very much..


Happy Belated Birthday My Friend

To Andy, I call him a friend,
but some friend I seem to be,
when I let his birthday pass by,
without saying Happy Birthday.
Therefore, I must apologise
for my oversight my friend.
Although this is nine days late,
May I take this time to say
I hope you had a wonderful Birthday.
I have no excuses for overlooking
a friend from my Birthday poem list.
As I read Andy’s poems almost daily,
I feel guilty that I overlooked his Birthday.
Andy is our resident Romantic poet,
whose poems of love and passion
fills quite a few with joy,
and whose friendship I value.
He writes from the heart
of loves entanglement there,
sometimes mirroring at times his own life.
A great poet and a great friend to all.
Therefore, from this friend who sadly forgot
a Happy Belated Birthday my friend, nine days late.

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