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Brother Poems

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Right from the day when I was born
Always making up a fight with someone
Not to mention if that someone was his own size or not
Not even if it’s his sister like me!
Even though he is always like that,
Like to tease & beat me before but now he changed a lot.

My brother married the woman she truly love
And now is the father of my beautiful niece I do love.
You can never really tell when people may change
Over years, over time or each day that passes by.
Right now, he is a respectful man
Eager to fight for the ones he love & for his country
Soldier, he is now, just like our father used to be…


Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

my brother john x

My Brother

This poem is for thanking my brother

Brother, let’s come together
For celebrating this bond of ours
That’s made to last
To the day before we may not see

I may be here
You may be there
Can’t forget the space
That we share

That warm hug of yours
Curing me of all fears
That pat on the shoulder
Reminding me to be bold

Passing a hint to lure a pretty thing
Preparing me to face the test
Ridding me of the mental block
To prove to the world my real worth

I see in you the friend and the guide
That taught me ways to swim against the tide
And face the world of good and bad
To bring honor to mom and dad

I wish to see how we stand
Compare silver streaks and patches gone bald
Measure your charm and feel your warmth
To talk about the dough earned and fingers burnt

Good old friends
Helpful neighbors
Dear father and dear mother
And you my dearest brother

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