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What If

What if tomorrow
The world had changed
As though in the twinkle of an eye
Just suppose all of a sudden
So many people were gone
Some you knew,some you didn’t
Some who left you feeling alone
Just vanished without a trace
Leaving you not knowing
If they were safe alive or dead
Or coming back
What if soon there after
Came a man (Jesus) who explain it all
Encourage peace throughout the land
Said in peaces name
Said we should be all one
Who promise what
Say seven years of peace and goodwill
If all we did was follow him
Oh!what if
Half through the seven
He seem die yet live again
And showed himself as he is
Instead of how he seem to be
What if the seven passed
So did the peace and the promises
Till it all fell apart
And all the world life
Faced in one fatal spot
So much to that unless
Those days were cut short
No more would follow
Seems so absurd to even
Ask about what if
And twinkling eyes
So easy to laugh and scoff away
And just live for another day
Without ever wondering
Or considering what if.

Almighty Hands

Eden is a place where I wanted to be
Reaching out for someone who’s always there for me
In these world full of trails & regrets
Caress of your almighty hands wipe away my tears…

Each Stroke of Your Blood

Each stroke of Your blood wiped away a stain off my canvas,
Each stroke of Your blood wrote my history anew:
One stroke after the other fall over this surface,
And paint a picture thought by You!
Lord, help me live a life worthy of Your sacrifice
And shape me after Your choice !

Some Thoughts About Jesus Christ

I decorate lighting my light heart,
On a pine, Christmas tree of devotion.
Several wishes are hung in globules,
shading life in colourful dreams.

Many thoughts flicker in delight,
in glittering Sequence of dancing droplets.
Ribbons roll and flutter in breeze.
Divinity is born in huts of every heart.

A celestial chant of love, born as baby,
Smile of heaven fell in a crib of wisdom
From the deluge of ignorance, emerges,
Xavier, thunderbolt of enlightenment.

I remember you eating your last supper,
with a half lit smile on corner of your lips.
Then you left us, on the face of earth,
flowing your blood of sarcasm on us.

All of us are searching for trails you left,
High above the mountain, beyond sky,
In mysterious ocean of life and death,
We found nothing, but your compassion for all

When season changes every time on earth,
we remember seeing your face reflect its hue.
When you helped carry a cross beyond horizon,
you alone ,were carrying world to its destiny.


The sun lifted his arm to hide his reddened face,
The winds ceased and the earth jolted in confusion;
The universe blackened; history was blotted out.

The One who held this vast universe by His power
Now hung motionless in body on the Cross –
That cursed pole obliterated by His crushed frame.

Puny little powers had wielded powerless hammers
Driving nails, lifting Him up for all eyes to see
What salvation God ordained through this cursed tree.

Two thieves for company; few friends, more foes
Waited, as time fled, to watch this end;
Time did end; history choked.

The quivers quivered as bitter arrows were disengaged;
Sin rattled against that Love immutable and true:
O Mockery, you had never so hatefully grimaced
Than when He prayed,
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

One sinner cursed, the other his sins confessed
And sought a hope this world never knew;
Glory shone from God’s battered face,
As to him He said,
“Verily, you’ll be with Me in paradise today, I say to you!”

Then, from those torn lips flowed words of sealing
A woman whose breast He leaned on
To the disciple that leaned on His:
“Woman, behold your son!”
“Son, behold your mother!”

And, darkness covered the land for hours three;
Chronicles and almanacs wriggled in disbelief;
Time dropped her hands all mystified,
As He cried,
“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

What pride mars the hearts of sinful mortals,
Their evil enflamed by their wishful desires!
One blinded man whispered, “He calls for Elijah!”
Another mocked, “Now, he needs help.”
We plunder our lives for goods of godless pleasure,
We plummet our souls into hell’s horrendous grave;
Then, we look at the Crucified Savior,
And whisper to ourselves, “He needs help!”

The agony was over, the agony released;
He knew it was over and felt the peace;
Then, He said, “I thirst!”
Lord, I was the cause and the reason why You thirsted.
The liquid that most composes this earthly sheath
Was drained from Your veins to wipe my shame;
You thirsted in order that I may never thirst again!

They lifted to You that venomous vinegar
To burn Your lips, to blunt Your pain.
You turned Your Holy face in refusal,
Your thirst was quenched when You quenched my shame.

Then, He cried “It is finished;”
The Law and the Prophets brought to an end in Him.
One Act of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Nullified religion, culture, and every human whim.
The wisdom of the wise in their wallets,
The power of princes in their pockets,
Let forever be confined:
He’s done with these, I’m done as well;
I’m crucified to the world through Him.
The old is blotted out, history has changed,
The transgressor is no more; see, there this saint!
Man no longer has works; these are acts of the Cross,
From where alone flows each disciple’s works.

What cry now rends the heavens and the earth!
What voice echoes through the corridors of space!
“Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit!”
The only Obedient Son died to live again!

The veil of the temple was torn asunder,
The earth quaked and the rocks were split;
His material case broke open; the path of heaven was paved.

The centurion fell to his knees in wonder,
The crowd beat their breasts and cried;
Silence! God hangs motionless, the penalty is paid.

As the sacrificial lamb brought to the altar,
As the sparrow over running waters slain,
He poured out His boundless love and drenched me with grace.

Lord, what is passion and how much zeal’s enough?
Your Passion displayed passionately the ultimacy of love.
The world’s fully obliterated, it’s only You all now!

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