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I wipe the tears from my eyes;
so you don’t notice my cries;
I harden my heart, even as it tears me apart; you don’t seem to care, or mind;
the only thing that can heal me is time;
you keep hanging on not letting me go;
for now I must go with the flow;
I wish I could let go and have time to heal; but right now I’m forced to deal;
This is not my choice, nor is it fair;
but it’s left me with my heart broken and bare;
I wish you would let me go so I can be free;
How much your hurting me you just don’t see;
Please understand I do love you, but letting go is something I must do.

The End

Friends can be lovers
But lovers can’t be friends.
If you are neither of the two,
Then who are you?

Will you try to be a friend?
Or will you try to make amends?
Will you try to put your feet on the ground?
Will you take away your pride and come around?

Better start talking
Better start trying
To stop me from walking
So you won’t end up crying

Why do friends fall in love?
Why do lovers hurt each other?
Tried to read between the lines
The end is there to see and goodbyes…

Goodbye to Love

After those times of yearning, of hoping, of caring and of longing…
All those things I cared for; all the love I gave for;
All those times I thought he cared…
Yet, the day comes for me to know
That I was so blind to see
Because he cared for someone, not me…
So from now on, I told myself never to hope, to care and to love…
For in the end I was the one who’s lost in love.
But then, I know I have all my life to live
And got all my love to give
But this time I have to make sure
That someone cares for only me
Because I don’t want to hear me say again,
Goodbye to love!


What’s the sense of living a life without someone to love?
What’s the sense of caring with someone who doesn’t care?
What’s the sense of wasting my time for someone who took me for granted for a long time?
What’s the sense of staying in a relationship without love?

All the answer is clear now…As clear as the sky above…
On that day when he said “I don’t love you anymore”…
It hurt me so badly and I couldn’t accept it… much worse when he said;
“I don’t want to live with you anymore… I don’t have a wife!”…

Then it hit me really hard… I can’t take the pain…
Rivers of tears I cried everyday and every night…
So I have no choice but to walk away… and let you go…
For now I know what you’ve all said was true;
“Relationship without love is senseless”… especially with a man like you!

Unencumbered By The Rain

I’m unencumbered by the rain
found freedom from the pain
nothing more to gain
i’m unencumbered by the rain
another set of tracks
crossing this broken road
should i catch a slow moving car
or just keep on walking on
eyeballing the stars
with no city light around
bring a different view
when all that sorounds you
is miles of miles
of unfamiliar ground
theres nothing left to warm you
but the coolness of the night
being alone and lonely
are two far different things
it’s not too much to admit
when you no longer know
the difference between the two
it free’s you up
to live another day
one step at a time
living with your leaving has left me
unencumbered by the rain
i’ve found freedom from the pain.

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