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Love Poems

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How Can I

How can i keep you?
If somebody owns you
how can i go on your way?
If somebody is blocking my way.
How can i get you?
If somebody is holding you.
How can be you my special someone?
If there’s someone special for you
how can i say goodbye?
If I don’t want to leave you.
How can I say I don’t love you?
If my heart keep on saying that I still love you!

Unfulfilled Desire

Ohh, ma darlin!!
so mch i’d lov,
to b alwz wit u..
hw i wish,only if,
my drmz cud com tru..
ur dazzlin smile,ur honey voice,
jus thinkin of u,my heartbeats go wild..
sparks of our moments togthr, alive,
i mis all da gud old tyms..
so head ovr heels crazy for u,
wanna spnd lyf snuggld wit u..
distnce nd tym hv grown emotns strong,
may b some day u’d kno,
i lovd u all along..

First Time

There is a first time for everything.
there is a first time when someone feels that he is missing someone.
there is a first time when someone feels the pain of love which is as sweet as bitter.
there is a first time when someone cant live without someone.
there is a first time when u say and listen “i love u”.
there is a first time when someone becomes angry and starts sulking then
other person tries to convince or persuade him/her by agreeing to their demand.
there is a first time when someone starts seeing dream with their eyes wide open.

Giving Up

Letting go is the hardest thing to do
But i must do it’s for you
Thought it hurt i should leave
I love you that’s why I must forgive

When I’m gone to take care
And remember I’ll always be there
In my mind no one can replace you
In my heart I love you so true

If she hurts you just go back
All the things happened forget that
Well im not assuming something in return
A simple smile can make me overwhelm

For now letting you go
Bear in mind that i love you so
Wishing both of you the best
May you live your lives to the fullest..

The Girl In My Dream

I now see her face
So what does this mean
The girl that I’ve seen
The girl in my dreams.

Ive often seen this girl
That walks in my dreams
The one I have prayed for
While down on my knees

When will I meet her
Just one question I ponder
While night after night
In my dreams she wanders.

The face I now see
I have never before
The face is yours
And I worry no more.

You come and you go
When I want you to stay
When will I meet you
Is all I can say.

Soon, you reply
And I know just what you mean
As I’d wait forever
For the girl in my dreams.

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