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Nature Poems

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The Owl

An owl sleeping on thickest forest’s tree,
Resembles barks so hunters not see;
And when the day’s covered by sable veils,
Fittingly, wittingly hoot he and flies,
‘Cause for now he’s a hunter of some mice;
And should his joy on felon night –granted,
For tomorrow he will be the hunted.

The Lightning or The River of Light

This lightning blue has the blues dispelled
From darkest heavens, with a peal of discord;
Then, shimmering while the crackles distill
It recoils to strike in rhythmic chord -
How variant are the lux and the buzz
Of tributaries branching from this river of light!

Socrates despises the beaming daylight
Where the value of light is distinctly nill;
Socrates delights in the thundering night
When the cries of the day are blatantly stilled -
The pride of man is quenched by a thud
Of this spark ignited by heavens dismayed.

We’ve looked in the dark eyes of this cultured maid
And have seen these watchers keep the time;
We’ve seen the blaze of God’s sparkling blade
And have seen its angle never depart -
Oh Lord, how magnificent are Your works,
The dawn is Yours and so the dusk!

“The skies sent out a sound; Your arrows also flashed about….
The lightnings lit up the world; the earth trembled and shook.” (Psa 77:17,18)

“He covers His hands with lightning, and commands it to strike.” (Job 36:32)

Is It A Dream?

Golden ball in da sky
shining bright,inspiring high
wunneful dawn,soothin breeze
rekindled joys,mind so pleased
heart filld wit hopes & desires unrevealed
evry whr i see lov nd peace
smilin faces ~ cheerful,serene..
is it real or jus anothr dream?

Beautiful Nature

lil birds in da sunny sky
chirpin,singin,flyng high
colorful flowrs,swt & splendid
swayng trees ~ so dense,so mystic
fallin drizzl,flowng pride
lo behold! da showrs of joy
kingdom of nature cherished so vivid

Beautiful Nature

Lambent Sun glowing bright
gentle breeze ~ so warm,so light
subtle clouds ~ silky,vivid
spirit rejuvnated in d day so livid

inky velvet ovr da mighty sky
lucent moon ~ b’ful,white
silent sea ~ peaceful,stunning
heart enliven in da sight so soothin

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