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A Special Thank For A Special Person

Days passes and new events appear
But the memories will never disappear
Each year is different from the one proceed
Each has its own experiences and difficulties

Every person has a special hope a special dream
And I have a lot maybe one day I will reach

I do have a lot of goals and dreams
One of them is to spend the happiness around
My friends ,neighbors and my family
The next is to be special from others
And be the person with a nice personality
The third is to be a doctor and open my clinic
And all the people come in there for free
The forth which is the most important to me
Is to thank somebody which is very close
Whom I appreciate a lot
And respect the most

Someone who always care
Who always be there
who is absolutely fair
And you see him each and every day

Who Gives you the advice commends and lessons
And ever thing you should know and learn

And in class let the students joke ,share
And say everything, every problem they want to say
This makes his hour most enjoyable in the whole day

Imagine a teacher who always gives
But nothing he gains

Who cares for every student for every girl?
And do the best to let her be aware

Who always repeat his words again and again
until everybody listen and everything be okay

but many quizzes many tests he makes
Study well and no reason to be afraid

who works on and on
Even gives lessons in support
Just for us to improve our grades
Eventually I should thank that person
because he is a brave teacher and simply he is great


I saw tomorrow marching by
on little children’s feet
Within their forms and faces
read her prophecy complete.

I saw tomorrow look at me
from little children’s eyes
And thought
how carefully we’d teach
If we were truly wise.

Oh Teacher

You are my candle,
My way is lit.
You are my mother,
I am bound to be fit.
You are my love,
A true outgoing selfless one.
You are my patience,
To complete a task begun.
You are my way,
To tread cautiously on life’s way.
You are my strength,
No storms will make me sway.
You are my teacher,
Help me solve life’s mystery.

Poem for last page of a Teacher’s Album

No more students
No more tests
I finally have
Some time to rest
No more students
No more tests
I finally have
Some time to rest

Teacher’s Album Title Poem

This album with its love
Is sent with thanks to you
For the ways you show you care
And the things you say and do.

You take your time with your students,
Molding minds so patiently.
You instruct by your example,
Giving your heart unselfishly.

You look at all your students
Through the eyes of tenderness.
You see each one’s potential
And chances for success.

This album is a keepsake,
And I hope it will convey
The gratitude that’s felt
For your care in special ways.

This album comes with a message,
Words seldom expressed.
You’re wished life’s greatest joys
And every happiness.

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