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Thank You Poems

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Thank You

“Thank u Guys for being there for showing me the path,
Thank u for always forgiving me for mistakes,
Thank u for always staying by my side,
Thank u for giving me the courage,
Thank u for listened to my problems,
In a kind and caring way,
I’m only complete when u are near,
Guys I couldn’t forget all of u,
Even at the last breath I take,
Coz u’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

I Know There You

May seem unusual to some
not surprisingly it is not an easy task
to write about my experience
my anxieties about life
and thought about us
forgive me for not making it right
the words that misspelled
or the wrong grammars
because the truth
im still have a long way to go
though trying hard
to make it better
i know there you and
i thank you
for the time you spare for me
by simply reading the simple thing i do
but i hope my mistakes
will be consider and somehow make you smile

YOU Made Me Stronger…

You were there with me when I needed someone
Someone to talk to, to cry with and to laugh with
Yes, you were there with me all those wary nights
All those time that I was in the dark, you shed light.

I’m thankful for having you as my friend
For you were always there to comfort me
You were there beside me to tell me everything will be alright
You were there to catch me every time that I fall.

You were there when I need you, but are you really there?
Thought you loved me, how come you act, as if you don’t care?
You are the reason why I am acting this way now, my friend
But still, I thank you, for you made me stronger…

Stronger as the beast that roar in the wild
Stronger as the storm across the ocean
Stronger as the diamond that won’t break
Stronger enough to take all heart aches….

I thank you my friend, for you made me stronger…

Just Thanks

Just to say thanks,
For being there.
When I feel alone,
When you can just tell I’m scared.
You always can tell.

When I come home crying,
Running up to my room, collapse on my bed.
You come in and stroke my hair,
Cuddle me, talk it through with me,
And somehow make it all better.

Thanks for being so magical,
Thanks for loving me, for making me smile,
Making me feel safe and happy.
Thank you for being my Papa.

Set of Haikus

I’m waiting for you,
Fortunately you passed by,
I caught myself smile,

I’m talking with you,
I know this isn’t a lie,
Alone in that aisle,

I’m looking at you,
with happiness that was my,
with that EVIL SMILE,

I’m smiling for you,
It is time to say goodbye,
Thanks for that sweet smile,

I walked without you,
Smiling as moments passed by,
Thanks for that sweet smile.

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