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Wedding Poems

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Wedding Vow

A clear cloudless day,
May’s midday sun beating down
Lovers’ hearts take flight

Headed with the love’s crown

Two sweet turtle doves,
making vows in front of God
Forever as one

In the feet of the Lord

“So from today in all Pujas, when together, I will take your last name.
Because I know we both want to feel the same.”

So here it is my wedding vow to you
We both will love and respect them.
Now bind me with security and your sweet kiss,
To feel you as my husband.

Now I am with
the love of you life.
This is no myth.
Now I am your wife.

Please fill my life with joy
And keep me on your feet
Sanctify my soul
and make my life complete.

How blessed was the day
that you became my man
and without a second thought
For you, I shall do all whatever I can.


From 30th June onwards,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

I woke up in the morning with a beautiful light
The glow of your love so beautiful and bright
To have you cuddle in my arms, the taste of you lips on mine
To hold you, cherish you and to love you I promise to do for all time

The vision of a smile across your face
As you realize that I have watched you awake
I watched the sun as it appears through the leaves
But it’s your beauty and smile that I awake to see

I watch the world as it awakens and comes to life in chubby
But the one desire that I have first thing is the sight of you, my hubby
On that lazy Saturday morning, a cloudy summer day
It’s your love that warms me, for that each day I pray

I promise you all my heart’s devotion;
A grin to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that’s ever true with dedication;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow

Today I married my justest friend,
Our bond complete, it has no end,
We share one soul, we share one heart,
A perfect time – a perfect start.

With these vows we share together,
Aroha so close and never to depart,
This glittering day – two dazzling hearts,
Let nothing keep this amour apart.

Man And Wife

One woman, one man
with hearts so true
come before you
to say I do…

A love so fair
A dream come true
A couple shares
what we are destined to do

I take your hand
to have and to hold
Our hearts embrace
and never let go…

A touch so pure
A smile so real
You close your eyes
so you may feel

The love of one man
The love of her life
We join as one
as Man and Wife…

The Vow

Knew before I asked you
to be my loving bride
that I could never-ever want another by my side
For truly God had heard my prayer and answered from above
and gave to me a loving wife to cherish, hold and love
And as I stand here by your side
what more could I ask for
than for your love and life to share from now till ever more
So gently love my breath doth wait to sweetly say to you
forever before man and God
my precious love

I knew before I answered love
as my heart was full in bloom
that one day I would by your bride
and you would be my groom
For truly God had sent you near
to share my flowered bud
and gave to me a loving man to
honor, hold and love
And as I stand here by your side
what more could I ask for
than for your love and life to share
from now till ever more
So gently love my breath doth wait to sweetly say to you
forever before man and God
my precious love

The Happiest Day of My Life

It’s the morning of my wedding and as I daydream, yet in bed
Thoughts of you and our new life together are all that fill my head
I waited so long for the time that you would place this band upon my finger
And now the path that brought us here is in what my mind lingers
We fell in love so gradually, we started out as simply friends,
And now I’m filled with wonder that you’ll be all mine when this day ends
I run my fingers lovingly down the dress it took me so long to find,
I wanted to be beautiful on this day I would become your bride.
My mother helps me now adjust the veil upon my head
And standing right close by with tears is my best girlfriend
Everyone has said we’re blessed because they know the love we’ve found
We’ve realized we’re lucky that love so strong even once has come around
We are at the church at last, I’ll soon be walking down the aisle
And as daddy reaches for my arm he offers me a gentle smile…
“You’ll always be my little girl, and he’s a lucky man”
There’s a certain sadness in his eyes but I understand.
Then I see you waiting for me there and the distance seems so far
It seems to take forever to get to where you are
I’ve waited my whole life for you, this moment..don’t you see
That I want more to be only yours than I ever wanted to be free
Then the priest begins to speak and as I say those vows to you,
A tear trails slowly down my cheek at the love I see in your eyes, so true.
I never will forget this day and the blissful night that we’ll share after
Now we’ll continue on through life

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